Thursday, 28 January 2016

Space Mission

This week we have had  lots of space missions to complete in our Space Log. We started by taking photos  of each other wearing our space helmets and mission badges using the Ipods  and printing them out to put in our log. We watched a film about space food and found out how food is prepared and eaten on the space station. We tasted some 'space' potato too.

 We have also been doing lots of training exercises like the astronauts do before they go to the space station.
astronaut tunnel crawl

                       we had to do as many star jumps as we could - it was hard work

 we had to do sit ups and bench presses to improve our astronaut strength

 this was where we were working on our throwing and catching skills - you have to be good at catching things on the space station

                                                              astronaut agility

After all our training this week we should make very good astronauts!!

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